We are industry leaders in the Aspen valley


Sopris Engineering has 25+ years of experience in the Roaring Fork/Aspen valley. We have dealt with every size job imaginable. From major construction in Aspen such as, Obermeyer Place and Aspen Art Museum down to small projects such as small house lots and handicap ramps. We do anything related to Civil Engineering and Surveying. We have over 2500 jobs under our belt in the Roaring Fork Valley.


Brush Creek Roundabout

Snowmass, CO

2017 American Public Works Association award winning project. Lead by Sopris Engineering P.E. Colby Christoff

“As a proven form of intersection control, the roundabout in Snowmass was in part and easy decision, but the local constraints of driveway access and steep grades imposed construction complexity that our contracting partners proved very capable of overcoming.  The aesthetic benefits of this roundabout are self-evident – place-making is one of the most obvious benefits of modern roundabouts like the one at Brush Creek, but their beauty tends to overshadow the underlying safety and congestion relief benefits.” -Mark Lenters, Ourston a brand of MSA Professional Services, Inc.


Willits Town Center

Basalt, CO

Lead by Sopris Engineering Partner & Project Manager Stephanie Helfenbein and including 10+ city blocks in size, we have directed the Civil Engineering for this project for over 10 years and continue to work with major construction company’s to add buildings to this small town unto itself.